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android xray cameraAndroid xray camera apk - XRay Camera is an Android application that turns the camera into a viewer of X-rays with different brightness contrast effects typical of X-rays, a kind of negative image.

Android xray camera apk features:

  • Real-time X-ray like image from your camera!!
  • Supports also front facing camera if available (take x-ray style photos of yourself)
  • Skull and hand templates (hand shown in one of the screenshots)
  • Nice X-ray style sound effect when moving camera
  • Enable flash to cause nice effects (see the video, caution: do not keep your flash enabled for long periods)
  • Save images you see on the screen by a single button press
  • Images are saved to your SD-card

The function is very simple, all we have to do is start the application, we will immediately transform the environment and show that under the applied effect in real time, from which we can even take pictures, so post them on our favorite social network .

download x ray camera for android

Download android xray camera apk from android market for free, below is the download place :


The main interface has other buttons, including one to enable and disable the flash allowing an even more marked, and the button to add skulls and bony hands, all to make the effect very realistic.

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